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Lil Bibby Explains The Appeal Of Slim Jesus (Interview Part 2/3)

Published on 29 May 2019 / In Archive

When Slim Jesus dropped his seminal "Drill Time" video in early September, many internet-goers accused the young Ohio rapper for cultural appropriation, poor rapping, and a variety of other grievances. But not Lil Bibby, who came to Slim Jesus' defense against the haters. "Why they dissing my youngin," he tweeted.

Lil Bibby spoke to us about Slim Jesus and why he decided to go against the grain when it came to "Drill Time."

"I took it for what it was. It was hilarious, man. I couldn't believe my eyes. And it was just entertaining. I know the music business. If you can entertain somebody, you're going to reach that type of fame."

Bibby described the video as "unbelievable" several times, indicating a cognitive dissonance in the viewer's mind that made the video a viral phenomenon.

"He's rapping talking about, 'shoot a nigga in the back if he talking to the Jakes.' To me, he kinda look like the Jakes."

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