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REAL Founder of Hip Hop DJ - Kool Herc: NPR interview

Published on 31 May 2019 / In Archive

With guidance from the Most High, and unknown to myself at the time, I lived on 179th and Tremont in the West Bronx. I had no idea the Most High placed me in the exact location where Hip Hop (DJing) was born. KRS ONE had us all thinking it was the South Bronx. When Kool Herc mentioned 179th and Tremont, it meant so much to me. And this interview touched my heart, because the Village People of the Bronx have not shown the proper respect or gratitude to Kool Herc. Instead, they attempted to jack him for his legacy.

We are not here to re-cast for Deborah Harry. She did her part by releasing Rapture, but we do not accept her as an authority on a lifestyle we actually lived.

Go watch the Hollywood Hip Hop movies if you prefer fox furs and man purses over sweatshirts with Old English letters and golf caps.

Go watch Kev Mac's channel, then see how Fab 5 Freddy is dressed in Wildstyle, if you want to see how Hip Hop styles originated with dressing like an OG (not Village People costumes).

Last night, New York stood up against the Village People who falsify their image. Today we will pay tribute to Kool Herc and the WEST Bronx for teaching the South Bronx, and the rest of the world, how to play music

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