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Frog Hip Hop

6 Views· 29 May 2019
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To celebrate my move to HD and Darwin's 200th Birthday I have embraced the Hip Hop age!

For those who want to follow the words and spot the mistakes I have listed them below!

If I told you that t world was flat
And the sun goes down but then comes back
You'd have had no reason to disagree
Until Galileo's blasphemy!

Too support your god it would depend
On which imagination becomes a friend
Apollo, Zeus, Thor or Jesus
Any one could give you seizures

If I worshiped a god you'd not expect
And then demanded my due respect
Lets just say it was the Goddess Venus
Id expect to be called a right small penis.

If life to you is a just mystery
Then learn the truth scientifically
On the other hand if you don't care less
Then why believe a father in a dress

You can seek a temple in which to pray
Drink some wine and waste your day
But don't expect to have a blast
Ive had more fun with an Elastoplast

And I look a right Nelly!

I like my women to be lush and fruity
With showing of flesh and shaking booty
I don't want a life as a computer jerker
Just cause women folk are dressed in a burka

Now if I said that in my Hall
An invisible man stands ten feet tall
They'd cart me off without a second look
Unless I had proof with writing in a book!


Which ever god you choose please do not ignore
That for the one you follow there are many hundreds more
And for those of us who's beliefs in gods we lack
I'm asking you please can we have the planet back!

The message I give may be missed
But why should you fear an atheist
When was the last time you heard a news reporter
Say that the terrorist was not a god supporter

If you cant believe that thing all change
Then may-be you will find it strange
That religion changes in the main
Or all the faiths would be the same

If I wore shirts supporting Leeds United
Some would hate you and some would get excited
If you want to wear a pair of wooden sticks
Then thats fine by me but somell think youre dicks

If you believe the devil controls my mind
Then frankly you must be quite blind
I dont expect to pick a fight
I just want truth and to know whats right

If you think a baby is a Christian child
A follower Jesus, whos meek and mild
Just because the parents think hes the saviour
You could also say hes socialist cause daddy voted Labour


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